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Shine a Light On It

Light is the ultimate requirement for shooting video, because even the most advanced camera can’t see in the dark.

Amongst professional lighting designers, the 3-point lighting system is the most common. Setup in a triangle around the object, we have: 

  • the key light, our main source, 

  • the fill, a less powerful light for the opposite side,

  • and a light above or behind the object to create separation from the background.

In the right contrast, this lighting method can be very cinematic, but obviously not everyone has access to a Hollywood lighting crew. Still, it’s helpful to keep those concepts in mind.

Windows are your best friend when it comes to lighting a scene indoors during the day. Position your object to the side or right in front of the window for different effects.

Watch out for harsh sunlight, which can create dark shadows or make the person in front of the camera squint, which can be distracting.

If you look out the window and there is no natural light coming in, chances are it’s night time. You will now need artificial light sources, like lamps, to light your scene.