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Know Your Audience

Good video marketing communicates your company’s message. However, communication can only happen if there is someone on the other end to receive your message. And who that someone is, defines how to best convey your message. That’s why it’s vital to know your audience.

New clients, prospective talent, investors? Ask yourself what group of people you want your video to resonate with the most.

Most of the time you’d want your video to represent your company’s culture and have a personal touch - listing awards or other facts and figures might not be as impressive as you think.

You want to sound like a human, so cut out any unnecessary buzzwords or jargon that your audience might not understand.

Think about your customer’s unique problem that only your service or product can solve. Your first priority should always be to help your clients. Pinpointing the problem makes it easier to communicate a solution.

Find out what your target audience’s habits online are. Where do they spend their money? How much? When do they like to be online? What platforms do they use the most? Understanding your consumers is essential to captivating them with your quality content.

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