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From Message 2 Story

People love a good story. Ever since folks huddled around fires in caves, storytelling has been a powerful technique for building relationships. That’s why it’s important that you have a riveting story to tell.

Now who is the protagonist, the star of your story? Nope, not your brand. Your story should revolve around the customers and their experience with your service or product. Define your main character and what they’re trying to accomplish.

Almost every good story gets rolling in the same way -  a point of conflict. Our hero has a problem which needs fixing. Enter the sidekick, a guide that leads our hero to their goals - that’s the role your company plays.

And like every good guide, you figured out a plan that gets your hero what they want. In clear and concise words, explain that great plan and the necessary steps to take action - but don’t get cocky here. Remember, you’re not the star, you just let the real star shine brighter.

Now that you got your narrative, let us help you tell it in a unique and visual way. With KIVI every story has a happy end.