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Choosing the Right Platform

Social media revolutionized the internet and presents a quick, personal, and effective way to connect with customers. However, social media is far from one-fits-all. In order for you to reach your target audience, you need to tailor your content to the right platform. Let’s look at the most popular ones and their unique marketing opportunities.


Facebook - the big dog. With almost 3 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the largest social media platform out there. Many different content types are appropriate on Facebook, and its advertising options can be customized to target highly specific audiences in large numbers. However, due to its size, expect to have a lot of competition in every sector.


If your business is all about immediacy - meaning breaking news, important updates, regular announcements - Twitter is your go-to platform. The majority of Twitter’s 330 million users is below the age of 50. If most of your marketing content is in the form of videos and images, Twitter might not be your first choice. Text-based content is number one here.


LinkedIn is the popular choice for Business-to-Business marketing. The platform is best for editorial content that builds authority for your brand and communicates with the lead generation. Most people on LinkedIn are professionals between 30 and 49 years of age.


If your service or product rather attracts a younger crowd, you should probably focus your marketing efforts within Instagram. Here 1 billion active users share photos, videos, stories, boomerangs and all other kinds of short visual content. Instagram is perfectly suitable for raising brand awareness and features the same targeted advertising options as Facebook to put your content in front of just the right people.


For video content that asks a little more attention from the user, Youtube fits best. Catering to a diverse crowd of 2 billion users, this platform is great for creating brand identity and awareness through video. Youtube is also the second largest search engine in the world, so don’t forget to use all the right keywords.

All in all, once you know your goals and target audience, it’s easy to research a social media platform that works for you.