With the KIVI app, a smart AI assistant helps you to improve practical skills.
Imperfect? Good!
KIVI analyzes your video and gives you information about what you can do better next time. The app pays attention to both technical and content-related details.

Your daily dose.


KIVI keeps you up to date with useful tips so that you always have a little extra snack every time you use it.

Smart AI

The smart AI from KIVI recognizes what you are doing and gives you useful tips on how to do it better. In this way you learn instantly and can apply your knowledge directly.

It's a wrap


After your shoot, you have the opportunity to have your video analyzed in order to gain further insights. Or you can just save it in your library.

With the KIVI you can not only learn, but actually also produce. Your optimized videos can be uploaded to all common social media channels and can serve their purpose there directly.
Looks like we have a new video creator. Welcome.

I've learned things that I wouldn't have thought of on my own.

The app is the perfect addition to the Academy.

Practice makes it so much funnier to deal with with things I didn't know before.